Still remember a post in my blog which is about "Malaysia 'Super Diao' rapper?
Look at the latest new of this Malaysia's rapper in "Dong Fang Ri Bao" last few days ago....Said that, Government has taken action on him…It is very sigh. Because he is our hero~~ :-(
Before he in jailed he has sang a sadness song to cover his emotion.
We can know he was very disappointed on what he did to show his loved to his country but annoyed the jail wind and cloud, all were too late.
what we can do now is to support him.
and wish him have a good day in jail.
I really not understand the government, why treated differently to different race of people in front of me. This is obviously unfair you know?
At JB or anywhere, there a lot of robbers, why didn't they take the time to catch them and catch a guy from youtube who has potential to be a singer? As we can know that was no insult on our country in his song. He only express his emotion and his opinion, is it we have no freedom to express our emotion and give opinion in our life? Is it we say something what is actually truth but bad points also a crime? How a country doesn't dare facing the fact to be supposed to progress? Is it they only like to listen sweet words and honeyed phrases?
I really hope government can increase the penalty on "Drink Coffee Money" (Especially is "mata")... and treat fairly to muslim and non-muslim in Malaysia.

He sang a song...before he go to jail, I forget this song title d...Notice the last few second, after he rap "neragakuku" you can see the full of disappointed emotion has been shown on his face

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Guys, How do you think?Is he wrong?

Hey guys, still remember this fella?
who was sang a song called "Muar's Chinese"..
i dono you guys had saw him b4 or not~
I just share them again~~
This fella become more popular nowadays..
He has released his latest song, which is "我爱我的国家 Negarakuku (2007大馬觀光年主題曲)"...haha...damn funny...and nice too~
you guys can check it out...
he is our Malaysia's cool rapper~~~Our hero..h@h@
but sigh is, i had found some clips from youtube which a 'guai lou' was insulting this fella...stupid la.fucking face la..what la..i dono why....
stop it plz!
he is damn creative man~~

Muar's Chinese On Carnival

can you see this fella?he was very enjoy on the stage...during carnival~
full of confident...can you do that?
if cant, just give ppl a clap lar~~

Muar's Chinese(Original_

This is his original mv of Muar's Chinese..Enjoy his Rap~

Muar's Chinese 2
He compossed second version song of muar's chinese....

我爱我的国家 Negarakuku (2007大馬觀光年主題曲)

This is his latest song, called "我爱我的国家 Negarakuku (2007大馬觀光年主題曲)"..haha..damn creative man.~~~

One Night Stand (明志&大娘樂隊麻坡海螺演出)
he composed this song since he was 15 years old...
haha..don't play play, such a 15 years old fella know how to compose a song d ~~

Overall this song's bg music ...not bad...and nice too~~
i like this music too~

可憐的小弟 (明志&大娘樂隊麻坡海螺演出)

h@h@....he sang slow song~

麻坡的華語 -- 忘詞版 (明志&大娘樂隊麻坡海螺演出)

h@h@..everyone have their mistake...same as u too..
This one make him so 'sia sui'...kaakaka pity..this creative fella~

Re:麻坡的華語 By a 'guai lou'..who was so nonesense

This fella was recording his rap song and post at youtube,and insulting that muar guy...haha..
unfortunately..he get all the bad comments at youtube...he must very disappointed on it....
He really need to 'shao pei', have a nice bg music, but..haha
'shao pei' rapper....
damn this guy la~~to be continue sommore~~

So..what you all think about this muar guy?cool ?stupid ?or?give some comment here la~

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