Have you ever been to China before?
Have you ever notice their sign boards?
As we can know at Malaysia have their own English language -- "Manglish"
At China as well, their English -- "Chinlish" LOl...
Look at their sign boards, I am sure it makes you laugh and feel blur!!
Because it brings meaning behind the words....
I felt excited after i seen those pictures. So how about you?

What do you think? Suddenly you saw this signboard in Malaysia?

You may think differently rite?

I like the arrow, it shown decrease~

Big car surrounding

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  • guaisaujai
  • Hahaha....one more post talking about this....
  • haha..because that was too funny..and creative~

    kennethlwc 於 2007/07/23 16:31 回覆

  • kahyan
  • laugh die me(笑死我~~)
  • H@h@...this ar....Cold wor..

    kennethlwc 於 2007/07/23 17:36 回覆

  • Darren
  • it is funny.....
  • eveのmum
  • OMG~*0*
    no eye see!!!
  • fishymoonie
  • are these real sign board ? omg, its crazy ! lol
  • ya...At China is like this~~

    kennethlwc 於 2007/07/24 13:42 回覆

  • http://myfairy-tale.blogdrive.com/
  • Nastasshea@Nesh

    Arg I can;t read chinese! Don;t know where to fill in name and URL! Grrr!!
    Anyway, SO FUNNY! HAhaaha!!
  • but the field title..all is english ar~~

    kennethlwc 於 2007/07/24 17:23 回覆

  • 蓝玫瑰Emily
  • omg..I actually have been to 世纪联华 century market when I was at China!!!
    I didn't notice it!!
  • Next time..remember to notice and take down the pic...~remember o..and share some new with me k?

    kennethlwc 於 2007/07/25 09:41 回覆

  • tastea
  • wa....if non chinese saw these...wat wil they think o?so ridiculous...