Things that Happened to Me
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10 Things that happened to me

1) I was stopped by a guard at Sentosa Super Market, if not mistaken it happened when I was 10 years old. They suspected me stealing their goods, but I am not. Thus, they checked my pockets and everything and finally,they told me that they suspect wrong person. One of the experience that I ever faced before in my life.

2) My friends like to "boom". Always talk crap at mamak stall. I always hang with them since I was in secondary school.

3) I learn swimming at my grandfather's working place. Grandfather is the one who teach me to swim.

4) Sometimes I don't like to hang out. I like to become worm in my bed room to sleep , and I lied to my friends since I was in secondary school.
5) I do not like to talk much with gals since I was in primary school. Even they always talked with me, but I replied them "yes", or "no" only. I like alone at that time.

6) I turned to be more talkative since I was in Secondary school, unfortunately, I was very shy to talk with gals. I also don't know why.
7) Until I come to Form4, I promised myself would not to be shy anymore. Now, I am talkative person.

8) It is very disappointed and sad if you see yours lovely pet died. My dog died since I was in Form 5. I don't know how its died, but I am sure its died not cause of sick, and is stupid fella feed its to eat nail. Fxxx !

9) I lost my hand phone Nokia 3310 during National Service. I suspected my camp mate stole it. A malay guy from Kelantan. At the time, nokia 3310 quite a famous and hot hand phone.

10) One of our favorite meal. It becomes my colleague and my habit, which is we will take Ikan Bakar Meal as our lunch every Friday. ( Internship-ing )

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