First Step
click the small "comment" if you unable to see the word "comment list(开放留言) "

after you clicked comment list(开放留言) *remember is click that word inside the bracket o
then a new window will pop up

ps: sorry if my blog brings inconvenient to you. I had wrote a suggestion to blog provider. Hope they will change the feature as soon as possible.

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  • pk
  • ok? keke
    Gosh very difficult when everything is in chinese...@.@
  • ya...I'm waiting blog provider to make changes ar~~sorry if inconvenient o~~

    kennethlwc 於 2007/08/07 11:59 回覆

  • peggie
  • erm...

    erm, it seems you have a lot of fun and enjoy urself much in the taman negara trip... bring me go next time, ok?? ha! i dunno what to comment, and this is the best i can do... yea yea, one more thing, not to be so suffer in ur project... later get sick... study hard together then... gambateh lor...
  • jolcy
  • How to Comment In Kenneth ZONE

    hehehe.. ok ok.. manage to get one comment up... :)