Guys, do you know how to write this kind of letter?
Feel so shy to write?
Don't have any idea?
To avoid your boss to reject your resign but
How ?
Ha ha, let me show you some tricks on how to write a good resignation letter.
I'm sure your boss will feel touch and accept your resign.

Here you go! Be clever to "FIRE YOUR BOSS FIRST"
"Let’s all resign and get a better"

Boss I want to resign!!

Short but not formal....

Simple and nice

A bit formal.....

Easy to read...

Formal one.....and detail

Wow, tired to read~

Or this one...The best one

You will earn alot!

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  • 心璟
  • If you ever want to resign, just go to
    It give you all the different style of resignation letter template!!
  • just a joke like to very nice joke ..keke~

    kennethlwc 於 2007/08/02 15:48 回覆

  • 小丑
  • i can't be able to view the pics..
  • - L O I -
  • i oso cant view the things u put under the sub headings....what happened?
  • kennethlwc
  • [小丑] & -L O I -
    sorry o, you all now can view pictures d ma? Cause I changed the photo hosting d.hehe
  • 小丑
  • Wahahahaha.the blood one damn funny, i was laughing like...hahaha

    but this kind of resignation letter would be a bit...intimidating.

    thanks for sharing ya dude, i like this piece.
  • finally you can see the pictures..hehe....

    kennethlwc 於 2007/08/02 22:02 回覆

  • spookygrace
  • great format

    what a great resign letter format. copy it down, think i gonna use it in my future.. hehehe
  • conancat
  • yor, funny lor haha! the last one soooo ganas.. and the second last one kinda lame lor lol. if i wanna resign i think i'll just take the second one... XD
  • it just me
  • the last one seem a bit spooky but good fun to read it ... =*)
  • LucKy☆sTaR
  • i like the fourth one
    easy,simple and nice XD
  • Anston
  • I like the 1st and the forth one! i will save it as revision!
  • eveのmum
  • i like the third letter, u know lo, formal & detail mah!
    & my boss will get happy cause i really really concern about him, yaya...
  • KennetH
  • For me

    I will take the first need think so much~~
  • Ringo
  • Well. Didn't expect to see my own creation here. :)
  • 天使
  • 哈哈。。。vry cute!!!!
  • 宝茹
  • 哈哈。。。yeah!
  • jaselyn
  • haha...funny o...if me...i will choose d 1st 1...more need think too much...haha...