Hello guys, Ohai-yo.
Today, I'm going to share with you guys some knowledge about healthy.
Please take note and bare in mind.

10 Biggest Brain Damaging Habits

Guys, you may think this entry is quite boring and nonsense, anyway I just received from my friend yesterday and I felt the topic is quite interesting and logic for us to know some general knowledge about our healthy. We eat everyday, but do you notice that, in our real life, some activity might damage your brain as well. So just take some time to look at it. If you guys, feel it is a very boring or nonsense topic, please let me know, so I can delete it.

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  • 宝茹
  • I've been damaging my brain. Huhuhu...

    I am guilty of 5, 6, 8.

    I don't think this is a nonsense topic--quite useful 啦. :D
  • 小丑
  • i fall under point 1 and 6...

    my brain's storing grass.
  • darren
  • oh my god, I always didn't take breakfast de wo...and sleep after midnight..how ah..
  • mong
  • =/ my breakfast is taking together wit lunch around 1pm.. aiyo dunno count onot then.. n i think i facing the problem of brain lacking.. mosses r growing inside.. its useful thx..
  • it just me
  • i hit numbers 5/6/8 ...
    the top 10 list was really useful especially to me .... it's time to re-organizes my routine .. =)
  • spookygrace
  • talk rarely

    talk rarely will cause damage to brain. kekeke! than we should not blog so much then..we should talk much much..kekekeke
  • jaselyn
  • me o...luckily no much bad habit...jz las time when i was study...always din take breakfast...but now since i work...everyday got eat breakfast le...hehe...
  • Princess Eileen
  • Wah, serious post from Kenneth wor... Not use to it :P

    I think I have sleep deprivation, coz I am a night cat...
  • Why? I can't post any serious entry? Hehe..~ But..dono it will become a boring entry or not..~

    kennethlwc 於 2007/08/06 10:46 回覆

  • fattien
  • 10 Biggest Brain Damaging Habits

    I always lack of sleep...... oh!! and kinda love sweet stuff too!!! >< No wonder I always this and that...
  • mademoiselle
  • good post
  • Eri
  • hey, i don't think that this post is close to nonsense post at all... :D don't worry, its general knowledge anyway.. thanks for sharing :) cheers!
  • conancat
  • hah... no talk also will brain damage one ah... everyday i talk with computer msn de wor... haha kidding, got talk wif lover la :P

    interesting post lor!! too much sugar also will damage brain, knt drink coke liao!!
  • LucKy☆sTaR
  • =。=
    Oh boy
    im going to boom my brain
  • - L O I -
  • sharing is a good thing... nothing much to worry about it is boring or not...
  • jolwee
  • dats y my brain deteriorating. 1,6,7. so horrible.