BABIES...I Love them.....
Tell you seriously lar guys, I like baby very much..(hehe)...
They are too innocent....
They can make my mood become better...when I was down...
Especially, the baby started learning how to walk....
I don't know you guys love and like baby or not....
But most of my friends, they don't ever like baby at all...
I don't know about you?
But, I am different...
Here you go Babies

His face is too cute..haha~~~

His smile is too cute..haha~~

He is shocking you with his pair of eyes....

Too cute lar..haha....look like super mario

Baby, don't cry o..."Ang Gu Gu" ...Sayang Sayang

Can you see he is starring .....:p
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  • 宝茹
  • 第一个婴孩是太逗人喜爱的!
  • it just me
  • i sure you will be a great dad

    you true .. baby is innocent and soO cute .. their smiles are best medicine
  • LucKy☆sTaR
  • omg,they are so cuteeeeeeee ~
    i like the second one and the fourth one
  • - L O I -
  • 那就赶快生一打吧~~~
  • jolwee
  • ya, babies are so cute!! Always shout like a freako when i see them saying, "argh, babbbbbbbyyyyy~~!!" XD Love them so much but taking care of them carries a big responsibility. IF NOT, I wanna have dozens now. huahaha =X
  • FeiWen
  • (^_^)

    cute, i remember its suppose to represent Monday - Sunday. LOL~

    the first baby is SUNDAY - sleep day.

    the crying baby at the bottom is Monday, followed by the BLUR face baby - Tuesday.

    The rest is Wed/Thursday and the one SMILING/GRINNING happily is FRIDAY!!!!!!!

    working... sucks! hahaha
  • spookygrace
  • baby

    Wah. those are your babies ah?? kekeke~ the first one very pity. look at the face..@.@!!~
  • sj*kh
  • 好可爱的宝宝哦!第一个很逗~:P
  • Apple
  • Babies are cute, but they are noisy.
  • jaselyn
  • aiyoyo...all are sooooOO cute lah...luv baby much...hehe...i like d 1st one...coz like 小新。。哈哈。。。d baby cry pity o...yaya..."ang gu gu"...dun cry lah...