A new tracking device has been introduced in the marketplace that is a huge danger to anyone who uses a pc that is not theirs. I believe PC users should be more familiar with the picture rite? Small? Very Small? Useful?
Don't look the thing which is very small and thought it is very useless. Because you do not know what such a small devices can function as recognition. The user who put this tracker in line, leaves it there and set amount of time and then retrieves it. This small tracker, able to track every input from keyboard..it is so amazing...They can then download the data onto their PC.

wow...really look like normal...can you see any different?

wow....for normal user..sure don't know what is that cause i also don't know...seem like an extension to make it longer a bit..

Especially is business guys, who always staying at the hotel and uses a PC that is not theirs and make money transaction or whatever privacy data input to the PC..For DOTA users who uses PC at cyber cafe please take note too, your account might been hack o...Please be aware of this small tracking devices. Lastly, I would like to remind you, checking at the back of the PC to make sure that is no such tracking devices. If you have seen this kind of device at back of the PC, plz take it and put inside your pocket....Lol.(in order to avoid next victim exist)
It is very cheap, cost is around usd30 only....that is one of the courses for illegal users afford to have it

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