Ohai yo gozaimasu, watashima kenneth des.

Good morning, I'm Kenneth
Have a nice day!

First time to put my life pictures at my blog. Hope you guys don't mind ya~
All the pictures below were taken during Yun Jing's Convocation last Saturday.
Sorry for late updated.

Yala, is this small gal lar (picture below)....has graduated~~
Her name is Yun Jing, before convocation day, she keeping nag me to attend her convocation.
She "LOU LOU CHAM" repeatly, finally she success to persuade some of my friends and me as well to attend her convocation. Thus I have to cancel all my appointment on Saturday and attend her convocation. Actually I tried to escape from her ar but failed, not I don't want to attend is because(She said:"No flower No need come") / when I seen those people can graduate happily but in my heart I was not happy at all.(jkjk jek) Why?
Haha..Because I still have half year to go...ar......Aiks...So long...when it turn to me ler!
Anyway, have a fun to take pictures with them too~Haha...

Yun Jing
Wish you all the best, 'Dai Kor Lui d...Oi Shang Shang Sheng Sheng'
Nowadays, Tarc has changed the rule that who was graduated in Diploma also has chance to wear graduation hat. I remember last time, if graduated in Diploma, you are not allow to wear graduation hat. But today can already..weird!

Most of us...in this picture

Come ar...take picture together ar....HAHA..

Can you see? All of us were smiling o~~

All of us with funny pose o.

3 "Malat lou"

can you spot which one is me?
3 "Malat lou" again ar

wow, we love to take picture.

Borrow some flower from Yun Jing to take picture sin~

I love to take picture as well~

Yeah Yeah~~

Ours college hall
You can see there are a lot of people in front of college hall.
Like "Semut"...all graduated happily.

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