Ohai yo gozaimasu, watashima kenneth des.

Good morning, I'm Kenneth
Have a nice day!

First time to put my life pictures at my blog. Hope you guys don't mind ya~
All the pictures below were taken during Yun Jing's Convocation last Saturday.
Sorry for late updated.

Yala, is this small gal lar (picture below)....has graduated~~
Her name is Yun Jing, before convocation day, she keeping nag me to attend her convocation.
She "LOU LOU CHAM" repeatly, finally she success to persuade some of my friends and me as well to attend her convocation. Thus I have to cancel all my appointment on Saturday and attend her convocation. Actually I tried to escape from her ar but failed, not I don't want to attend is because(She said:"No flower No need come") / when I seen those people can graduate happily but in my heart I was not happy at all.(jkjk jek) Why?
Haha..Because I still have half year to go...ar......Aiks...So long...when it turn to me ler!
Anyway, have a fun to take pictures with them too~Haha...

Yun Jing
Wish you all the best, 'Dai Kor Lui d...Oi Shang Shang Sheng Sheng'
Nowadays, Tarc has changed the rule that who was graduated in Diploma also has chance to wear graduation hat. I remember last time, if graduated in Diploma, you are not allow to wear graduation hat. But today can already..weird!

Most of us...in this picture

Come ar...take picture together ar....HAHA..

Can you see? All of us were smiling o~~

All of us with funny pose o.

3 "Malat lou"

can you spot which one is me?
3 "Malat lou" again ar

wow, we love to take picture.

Borrow some flower from Yun Jing to take picture sin~

I love to take picture as well~

Yeah Yeah~~

Ours college hall
You can see there are a lot of people in front of college hall.
Like "Semut"...all graduated happily.

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  • FeiWen
  • (^_^)

    kenneth, this is such a small world. haha, we have mutual friends, thats LimGinHong...i hope i spell his name right. LOL~
  • haha..u know him??yeah..is he~~u also from xia xiang ar?

    kennethlwc 於 2007/08/07 16:20 回覆

  • 宝茹
  • Oohh...the flowers are pretty. :) Congratulations to your friend! :)
  • kawazoe
  • hi

    wao..1st time c u put life's photo~
    sometimes put some life's photo in blog oso not bad o~ ^^
  • ok..o..kawazoe..i will...Next, i will post...Taman negara trip..haha..

    kennethlwc 於 2007/08/07 16:21 回覆

  • guaisaujai
  • Opps...my gf's brother from now studying at TARC too....also Xia Xiang wan....probably he knows u..haha..
  • really ??hehe..then he saw me b4?

    kennethlwc 於 2007/08/07 21:53 回覆

  • wow .. wonderful picture and leng cai leng lui .. you looks gr8
    I was Tarcian too .. graduated years ago ....
    well, i looking forward for my master graduation next year .. =) before that still need to work very very hard
  • master?you wan to be lecture?hehe,..good ....Keep going o..wish u all the best

    kennethlwc 於 2007/08/07 21:54 回覆

  • FeiWen
  • (^_^)

    hi,nope, I wasnt in xia xiang, we went to the same high school, i know his sister. abt taman negara, when r u going? its a pretty awesome place if u like nature, and the river ride is pretty fun, altho the river can be quite on the yellow murky side. LOL~ do blog about it!~
  • Don't worry ..i will..but..need time for me oso ar..hehe..cause recently..have a lot of works haven't finish yet..`hehe

    kennethlwc 於 2007/08/07 21:54 回覆

  • jaselyn
  • ya loh...seldom c u put ur own pic..not bad...haha..i aso dunno y tis year got hat...izit v r lucky or...?anyway...congratulation to all graduated..include myself..haha...no need sad lah...only half year..very fast de lah...gambateh o...
  • Yenny
  • 我的弟弟也在TARC呢...
  • many tarcian o...haha....good good..

    kennethlwc 於 2007/08/07 21:55 回覆

  • - L O I -
  • - L O I -

    wei wei...ask ppl to spot u...too obvious la... u shld stand in the crowd ... Taman Negara pic?? Izit the one u called me trip leader? if yes plz put my pic as well....ok?? hahaha....
  • Okok..I will...but..seldom took pic with u at Taman negara ler..

    kennethlwc 於 2007/08/07 21:56 回覆

  • - L O I -
  • sorry..jz now forgot to ask...since u were attending ur frens convo...where is the pic with her??? How can u went to ppl convo and shot ur own pic??? hahahaha...
  • got ar..waiting she send to me...sigh...~~

    kennethlwc 於 2007/08/07 21:57 回覆

  • conancat
  • ooo wa camwhore camwhore! :P so many ppl study tarc leh~~ i study kbu ooo got kbu gang anot haha...

    newayz, never knew u so leng chai de lor!! hahaha
  • really?thanx for compliment o..hehe.~~KBU?don't know wor.

    kennethlwc 於 2007/08/08 09:24 回覆

  • Princess Eileen
  • Wash eyes~ Wash eyes~ Not enough lar.... Suddenly I think I like siao di di... Hahaha.... Only half a year more.. very fast de... Trust me, you will enjoy studying than working...
  • jimmychin
  • wow.. ur friend pretty...
    and u looked handsome too :)
  • Ecl!5oNz
  • i saw many TARCian... =.=
    i m a APiiTian... XD
    ur fren looks cute... XP
  • jian
  • kenneth..you're handsome.. :)

    oyah, gratz to your friend...
    my friend also having his convo this weekend ^^ but diff uni lar..:P
  • thanx ....Ic. what uni ler~?

    kennethlwc 於 2007/08/08 19:53 回覆

  • justmepurnell@gmail.com
  • travelphilippines

    wow nice flower. and whoever that guy in blue shirt he is sooo handsome.
  • mapleleaf
  • wow~~u r handsome~ ==+

    Thanks for sharing XD
  • -small-ugly-
  • handome guy,i think you have the potential to go STAR CELEB.

    hahaha.if you joined, inform me, i will definitely vote for you.


    i went to my friends convo last few months ago, but i have not put the pic up to my blog yet...

    Erm..i think it should be the time to put it now with the next convo my other friend is going to have it after this 26th.

    hahaha.nice pictures, thanks for the sharing ya!

  • cannot ler..they need a potential who can speak very well...because the competition is looking for host and modeling..so..I am not qualify~~

    kennethlwc 於 2007/08/09 10:56 回覆

  • LucKy☆sTaR
  • dunno what is the feeling when a person graduate

    happy ? sad ? hmmmm ...

    haha XD
  • jian
  • what uni ar? erm.. mmu lor..^^
  • honey
  • simply adorable

    all of you look simply adorable..
  • yun jing
  • thanks you very much lah~~~

    hey!!haha...now just only saw ur blog,eh!that one hamtaro on my head pic i dun have wor...send to me ya~
    aiyo~~thanks you so much for attended my convo ya,you really cancel all ur date ah?
    haha...i thought u joked only leh~~~
    i'm so touching T T thx ya....
    next time u convo i sure will go one!!
  • Abo///haha....remember don't break your promise...~

    kennethlwc 於 2007/08/21 10:44 回覆