I'm back~~
Date : 02-08-2011
This is PART 2 of this Taman Negara Trip with ODA....
Share them with you guys o.....

Everyone woke up in the early morning to prepare breakfast.
Some of them still sleeping in the bed, some of them taking the pictures.
We have a lot of chef in this trip which mean most of the member know how to prepare their breakfast.

This picture was taken in front of our chalet in the early morning..

This is our chalet...Liana Hostel ( The Hostel name seem like a bit scary )

Actually.....there are some ghost cases at there....Obviously, in the jungle or mountain, there are a lot of our "friends" belong to us. Thus, this is quite normal case which will happen in the jungle or mountain. It depends for you to believe it or not. Some of my advises are, when you come to the jungle or mountain, there are a lot of rules that you are bare in mind to follow like - Do not shout your friend name in the jungle( Please call their nickname like "A beng , A Kong instead of calling their real name" ~ Other than that, try do not urine at every where in the jungle, if you have to done so please pray a while before urine. Besides that, there are some sensitive words you have to know which cannot shout in the jungle like - "Tiger", "Ghost" please bare in mind that do not call loudly when you are in the jungle or mountain. There are a lot of taboo "Pantang Larang" you have to follow...if not...(hehehe) In our trip...one of our member, was faced this problem...I will tell you guys in the last part.Ok lets continue ....

Ok guys, do you know what we must do everyday?
Is Morning exercise lar...This two gals were doing yoga, how about another guy? Seem like nothing to do...because he 0 knowledge about YOGA, and he was thinking something new...

Finally, he was jumping....Freaking high man..haha~~
One gal was posing and the other one was shouting~~I don't know what she shouted..

We preparing our breakfast.....you can see everyone is working seriously

We making our own spaghetti ...

can you see this? Can you see the red...walao....
Issit she want to suicide..haha....

The gal with red shirt is freaking good...in cooking,..Don't look down at her..Because she is a cooker~~

After finish taking our breakfast, we tidy our backpack and continue the next station....The next station is "Bukit Terisek"
We are going to mountain climbing o

Lets take a picture first....while waiting the boat coming...

We were taking the boat to go through the river....because the Terisek Mountain is locate at another place..which is not beside our chalet

you can see this sign board once you go through the river....Can you notice those gals were trying to hide the web address which promoted by National Park.
They really "Ng Sek Zou la"...

Once you go inside and climb up the ladder...
You can see this....vegetables on your left~~I am not sure whether this is one kind of the grass of vegetable..

I was waiting with my friend for other members who were crossing the river ....

Looking back at our chatlet....

Once you finish the ladder...
You can spot a Restaurant behind there....
I tell you, the price of those foods at here is much more different...
Something special once you cross the river..
Before you cross the river, there have two restaurants there which are on the river, but the price are much cheaper than here.....

You also can see a welcome sign board beside the restaurant...
There contain differences of languages with the word "Welcome" in this sign board..

Finally you can see me ....What the posing is this?
Is to show our brave...WOW !!! GOGOGO...Chiong~~

Lets get it done...we started to climb....
can you see a sign board which show the direction to Bukit Terisek?

A biggest tree in this mountain...

We were on the way to reach the peak.....Gambatte Minasen!!

Finally we reached the peak......Look at the sign board...we reached...the peak!! This is prove..

They like to show their butts....

everyone is tiring....

Wow.....woke up and taking some picture first...Our posing...

But once you look toward from the peak.....You will know that...It is worth for you to pay your energy to reach the Mountain peak~~

Thank You for viewing....Part 2 of this trip...
To be continued......
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  • Apple
  • Wa..the spaghetti sauce SOOOOOOOOO red. You guys were really having fun. Thanks for sharing a lot of photos.
  • 小丑
  • wow...handsome,

    the 1st pic is so nature, i like it.the girl in red color shirt is a beauty o.hahahaha..

    well, i wonder what is the ingredient for yours spagethi, the tomato sauce, the maggi brand one?

    i observed something, you should smile more, you looked charming at that time.

  • it just me
  • why you didn't look tired de ..?!!
    your photos really tempting me --- back to nature.
  • jeanchia@yahoo.com
  • Jean

    hi kenneth! looks so fun!! i wan to go also!!! :)
  • kannasai4896
  • i love taman negara

    wow, i love taman negara! been there once, enjoy the trip! Penang also got one Taman Negara (the smallest in Malaysia), that's close to me.
  • - L O I -
  • Hey....what is the ghost story??? how come i duno?
    if i m not mistaken ..we played water at the second day...where is the photos????

    Waiting for the last post....
  • Will be next entry ....Too many...~~ hehe~~~ Ear cave also second day rite? But not much picture in ear cave..sigh

    kennethlwc 於 2007/08/14 09:25 回覆

  • LucKy☆sTaR
  • haha
    if me i really not dare to go XD
  • eveのmum
  • nice people, nice trip, nice food, nice day~^^
  • - L O I -
  • oh yup...Canopy Walk was the 2nd day activity as well...and there was the part i took the most photos with ur gang, i forgot who was the camera man...i think he didnt submit his photos to ODA...

    Too many cameras that time...and not all submitted their photos...so it is not complete...but u still got many ...better than me...TT.TT
  • Anston
  • I'm still missing the old days used to camping at the river side & freaky noise came out from the bushes!

    Walao eh~ that mee looks scary man! but the cooker is cute :P
  • spookygrace
  • hostel

    omg! the hostel look so DANGEROUS man!!! o.o!!