PART 4 released..
Date : 02-08-2011
It is not much photos in PART 4
This entry is continuing the previous entry which is after the water park and went to Canopy Walk....
I remember my team's camera do not have battery ... d.. will not to see me always appear in PART 4

This picture was taken when leaving the water park.....

and we need to walk back to the jetty and waiting for the boat to the Canopy Walk Station

It is very nice to sit in the boat and go around through the river....NICE !!

10 minutes later...
we arrived and climbing up the go to Canopy Walk Station

Everybody were tiring and sitting to rest awhile....

We were sitting and waiting for our turn for Canopy Walk...
It because it has a limit of persons to use the bridge...
If overload......hehe...You may go up to heaven or go down to the hell~

Canopy walk is nice!!!
I had seen a lot of foreign people......keep repeating to queue for canopy walk...
haha...So you can imagine yourself on how nice the Canopy Walk is....lar~~

After Canopy Walk....

and we back to Liana prepare our dinner....
The picture above..reminds me that this am not dare to say..She will kill me once she has seen my post.
Cause ..... The whole bottle of Ketchup poured .. ....hehe...Don't want to say d lar..hehe~~

and we had our Night Singing Party before 12am~.......
We have a good guitarist and singers (all of us) o~~~

This is End of PART 4
Thank you for viewing....
To be continued.......
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  • 悄悄話
  • eveのmum
  • Canopy walk sooo long leh~~~
    why d food always prepare by girl leh?
  • You r wrong d.....this is other group dont have camera ar...aha..all boys in my group all are cookers~~

    kennethlwc 於 2007/08/16 15:18 回覆

  • it just me
  • do you have photos shot showing the underneath of canopy ??

    you notti ... tell us who is not that good in cooking ...

    how many days you went for this trip .. looking forward for more photos from you ^.*
  • actually we had taken a lot of pictures, but some of them, haven't submit to

    kennethlwc 於 2007/08/16 16:32 回覆

  • BECK
  • 我也是很喜欢去露营的

    在野外做东西吃 是我最喜欢的了~
  • spookygrace
  • singing

    haha.the guitarist looks so expressivo.. what songs u guys sang for that nite..? kekeke

    anyway,u got awarded..claim it in my blog..(i dono u got awarded before o not..kekeke)
  • Song??many ler....aha...quite fun`~~

    kennethlwc 於 2007/08/18 14:43 回覆

  • LucKy☆sTaR
  • how many days did u went for this trip?
  • 3days....hehe~~

    kennethlwc 於 2007/08/18 14:51 回覆

  • fattien
  • Yoz!!! a lot fun there dude. How much to spend for the trip? feel like want to go there to camp...kekeke

    I scare to cross that capopy walk cos me scare standing at high place...Btw have a great weekend!!!
  • canopy walk..seemed like abit danger..hehe..i spent about Rm160 like this lor~~

    kennethlwc 於 2007/08/18 14:52 回覆

  • Jade Z.
  • hmm ... looks like you have less pic of yourself hee in Pt. 4 ~ ^^
  • yalo..some of the member havent submit the photos lor..~~

    kennethlwc 於 2007/08/18 14:52 回覆