Guys, any comment or feedback after you seen Transformer Movie?
For me, mine feedback is, that was awesome, and I felt that was many climaxes in this movie. I can't even close my eyes to watch this movie. I still remember, one day before I watched this movie, I can't sleep well, some more I was asleep at the office next day, but when turn to night to watch this movie, I can't felt sleepy at all. That was amazing for me. A nice movie that I've ever seen before. I am waiting to buy the original Transformer Movie dvd. Do you know when it releases?
Guys, why don't you think how it will looks like if transformer made in Malaysia? As you can saw in this movie, there were so many cars, that you never see before rite? Try to make it more creative, why not Transformer made in Malaysia? Malaysia has Proton Wira, Perdana, Waja.....
Why not to make those cars to transform?
It is nice rite...

Perdana Autobot

Kancil Autobot

Myvi Autobot

Juara Autobot
This autobot looks not very nice...hehe..I don't like it!

Savvy Autobot
It in red and cool, full of blood...Looks great!!

Waja Autobot
Among all the Autobots, Waja Autobot is the one I like..

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