Guys know him or not?
He is Andy Hui - Known as Ding Ding King
Let looks at this clip...
An awesome guy able to imitate many popular singers nicely.
This guy is the greatest singer I've ever seen!
This guy comes from Hong Kong, he able to imitate Hacken Lee and Adam very well !
Listen his voice carefully? Amazing? Bravo !
Say seriously, this guy can sings nicer than other popular singers.
I don't have any ideas on how he makes it..
I suspect that he may puts a small speaker beside the microphone..
Do you know how he makes it? Share with me if you know the tricks...
H@h@, I wonder that, if he releases his album, how the album will look like?
It is worth for you to buy? Reason is likes what the guests describes on the show.


冯文乐 叮皇争霸战 part1

冯文乐 叮皇争霸战 part2

新殘酷一叮 馮文樂 再一次扮歌星

Look this clip, you will know better and believe more !



愛不釋手[Cream-My Sunshine演唱會]


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